Angry Birds 2

I’m part of the Angry Birds 2 art team and, during all these months, I’ve been exploring, designing and implementing different features, currencies and visual elements all around the project. My main job (along with my partners) is to create screen flows, design HUDs and user experiences for new features, illustrate icons and play around with a little of everything, reusing existing material or creating new one strongly based on the vast reference created during these last 5 years. As the art team works as a group, most of the work featured here was made together along with other UI artists.

Disclaimer: All material present on this page is property of Rovio. ©2020 Rovio Entertainment Corporation and Rovio Animation Ltd. All rights Reserved.



Bug Hat set

My first task was to make a hat set for the birds. I chose bugs as its theme and, after a few iterations, this was the result. Everything but the hat illustrations was made by the AB2 art team.


Free Birds Currency

A new story required a new currency to be added to the game. An icon that would represent a 3-extra-cards bonus when you run out of cards. My work consisted on designing the icon and implement it into the project. Everything but the icon art was made by the AB2 art team.

Extra Cards

A new story required the creation of a new type of reward called Extra Card. These cards would be golden versions of the classic bird cards. The original exploration for this task was made by me but the final art and implementation was made along fellow partner Jennifer Choi. The golden frame and half of the golden birds were illustrated by her. Everything but the art for the extra cards was made by the AB2 art team.

Tower of Fortune Tickets

A new story required the creation of 2 new type of currencies, and one of them should be a premium version of the other. There was already a ticket currency existing on the project so I’ve based my work on that first reference. The golden version was designed and implemented by fellow partner Jennifer Choi. Everything but the art for the ticket icon was made by the AB2 art team.

Piggy Bank

A new story required the creation of a piggy bank where players would collect gems while playing the saga map. A Golden piggy bank art was needed. The implementation for this art was made by Eduardo Cancino, Art lead on AB2. Everything but the piggy bank and track tower was made by the AB2 art team.

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