Días de Radio

Días de Radio is a storytelling cooperative card game in real time for 2 to 4 players. The players will choose one from a series of 12 subgenres, and tell a story using phrases in the cards. The storyteller will set aside her hand during her narration, only using cards given by the other players until the time runs up. Then the storyteller turns in clockwise order and the next player begins his turn, continuing the story.

Each turn brings the game closer to conclusion. When the endgame is triggered, the current storyteller will have the responsibility of closing the tale. Players have the option of using the Press Review System: it consists of 4 different tableaus featuring unique words: Creative, Bizarre, Engaging, Poetic. As each narrator finishes his turn, the rest of the players draw a cube from a common pool and place it on 1 of the 4 tableaus. Thus, at game’s end, the tableau that has the most cubes determines the Press reaction to the show (the story). On the back of each of them, there are fictional newspaper articles praising the players.

The game is in Spanish, full languague dependence, and it has an icon system for the color blind.

Each game takes 14 to 24 minutes.


Tableros de Género


Libro de Reglamento

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