The Resistance 1942

My very own version of the famous party game designed by Don Eskridge, The resistance. I made this version just because I couldn’t find a good Print & play version I liked. May not be for all but, if you like WW2 themed games, this will definitely be a game to look at. The mechanics are quite simple, the length is short (about 20′-30′) and an almost a violent engagement is guaranteed. Great to show non-board game players the magic of this world.


Tablero de misiones

Expansión: The Plot Thickens

The illustrations used in this version where borrowed from fabulous artists; here is the list of them:

N°1 – Soviet: Andrey Karashchuk
N°2 – French resistance: Cover for a figurine model box. (coudn’t find the author).
N°3 – Soviet: Andrey Karashchuk
N°4 – Soviet: box art ICM models
N°5 – US army: Paul Hannon
N°6 – British: Ron Volstad
N°7 – German:Andrey Karashchuk
N°8 – Polish: Ron Volstad
N°9 – German: Ron Volstad
N°10 – German: Dmytro Zgonnik
In mission: Mark Stacey
Success: Pyotr Krivonogov
Fail: Pyotr Krivonogov

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